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Building Community with Women

Posted in Woman To Woman on August 7, 2010 by lindacunliffe

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Sally Berger

I think of myself as a progressive woman. I embrace change, I’m always ready for a new challenge, and I’m inspired by new ideas. Not much has ever intimidated me – I’m always first in line for a new adventure (as long it doesn’t involve heights or really fast-moving objects). I’ve changed husbands a couple of times. I’ve changed careers a few times. I’ve changed homes many times. And all without mussing my makeup (ok, so I use tear-proof mascara).

So why is becoming a “blogger” freaking me out??? I love writing. I love sharing knowledge, ideas, stories. I think perhaps it’s not the world of blogging I’m afraid of; it’s all the new technology and terminology that just makes my brain explode. So please bear with me. As I learn the techie stuff, this blog will evolve, and I will rely on you “wise women” out there to guide me, critique me, and support me.

I direct this site to women for a purpose. Women inspire other women. Working with women has given me much joy and gratitude over the years, and some of the amazing women I have met along the way just keeps motivating me to do better. I invite you to participate to share your knowledge and insights, network with other women, and find new ways to connect in a safe and supportive environment. 

I’ve worn many hats over the years (haven’t we all?). I’m a Real Estate Consultant, a Soroptimist, a board member of Just Beginnings Flowers Society (we made the 2010 Olympic bouquets!), a co-founder of a non-profit society for young women at risk, and I’ve served on many boards, community social service committees and business advisory teams. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend.

I am equally comfortable sitting with women at board tables and kitchen tables. Whether we are building our business, building our community, or building our family, we connect in a unique way. We celebrate our successes and share our challenges. We laugh and cry together. We support and encourage each other. We never lose sight of our goals – we just simply built stronger relationships to achieve them.

So please – grab your fave coffee drink (or glass of wine??) and join me on this journey. Let’s build some new relationships and share our diversity. Let’s learn something new and pass it on.  I promise it will be fun, inspiring and empowering – and if we get lost, we will stop and ask for directions.­