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Meet Ken Buck – Home Inspector

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“If it isn’t broke – why fix it” – Ken’s favourite quote

I have worked with Ken on numerous purchases, and simply put – he is a joy to work with! Above all, you can be secure knowing that Ken is wandering through your home (or the one you are considering purchasing). He is very respectful of the homes he inspects, leaves everything exactly how he found it, and will leave his contact info with homeowners so they know who has been in their home. Ken is all about integrity, honesty and providing quality service. Ken is also extremely thorough when doing his inspection. He takes many pictures that he will share with you at the end of his inspection – taking the time to explain both his process and his findings. Ken will also provide you with a written report along with recommendations for any minor work that might need tending to, or any red flags that might alert you to a potential problem. Ken has been very helpful to women home-buyers, taking the time to explain simple maintenance issues and answer any questions they might have.

I asked Ken what his goals as a Home Inspector were, and he provided me with the following insight:

My early home buying years were based on the hope that I made a quality purchase.  With the advent of Home Inspection, I now know I could have made better decisions.

As a result of training as a Home Inspector, I inspect a home as if I was the purchaser. I have four main goals:

  1. Look for safety issues – identify systems or components that could be a hazard such as electrical shock, trip and fall hazards to name a few.
  2. Identify areas where there could be major expensive repairs.
  3. Define inter-related components of a home and how systems work, such as heat and cooling, venting, moisture control, location of shut off valves.
  4. Identify minor repairs and provide maintenance tips.

At present time, there are many women that are first time purchasers.  They have to resort to doing much of their own maintenance and often are not able to find persons to do small repairs and service.  One main issue is dealing with moisture behind ceramic tiles in bathrooms.  I drafted a “how to” information sheet to deal with bathroom tiles. If you would like a copy of this bathroom “how-to”, please send a request to – I will be happy to email it back to you.

All Home Inspectors affiliated with CAHPI(BC) must be licensed.  To find a Home Inspector in any region or community in BC, go to: and select “Find a Home Inspector.” To determine if an Inspector is licensed in BC, go to and click on “Home Inspections” then enter the person’s name.

 You can contact Ken Buck at

or call him at 604-302-0144

Visit his website for more info at: