Meet Stevan Kovacevic – Mortgage Broker

“Call me now to save your money, time and effort with my professional mortgage services!” – Stevan’s Favourite Quote

I met Stevan a year ago, and I have had the pleasure of working with Stevan a number of times since we met. Together, we were able to get our clients into the homes of their choice with a minimal amount of stress, and a maximum amount of satisfaction! Stevan is such a joy to work with – and he certainly does have his clients` best interests at heart. Stevan will go that extra mile for you, and he will stay by your side through every stage of your mortgage transaction – and beyond. He is always available to answer your questions or concerns, and works hard to get you the best rates and terms according to your needs. I asked Stevan to provide me with a short bio so he could share his expertise with you. I am proud to include Stevan as one of my HomeTeam Referrals.

Stevan Kovacevic applies traditional ideas to the constantly changing regulations within the mortgage industry. He approaches each client’s needs with an understanding of their financial outlook, which enables him to find the most suitable mortgage solution. His advice is free and unbiased, while keeping your interest a priority.

As a licensed mortgage broker working for Dominion Lending Centres, a respectable mortgage brokerage firm, he has information that will save you money every month. Having served clients from all of the BC and from all walks of life, Stevan possesses versatile experience and readiness to help. Stevan understands the emerging role of women in today’s society. He has arranged over 50 mortgages last year for single mothers, career women and women in charge of family finances.

Whether you need to refinance, purchase a house, a condo, an investment, or a commercial property, Stevan can offer an array of lenders tailored to each deal.

Don’t need another chore in your busy schedule? Call Stevan right now for an easy mortgage solution.

Visit Stevan’s website at or call him direct at 778-222-2222. To see what Stevan’s clients have to say please go to


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