Voices of Women Homeowners

“There are only two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Did you know that more women are taking the plunge and buying their own homes than ever before? Not only do women control a whopping 85% of all home purchases (according to a 2004 Fraser Valley RealtorLink article by Diana McMeekin, President of Artemis Marketing Group), single women also account for a faster rate of home purchases than the general population. In the Fraser Valley, 7.2% of buyers in April 2010 were women – this jumped to 17.5% in May.  In the Greater Vancouver area, more females than males purchased their first home in 2009. That’s a lot of buying power, and as more of you enter the real estate market, we must listen and respond to what you need.

I’m a Real Estate Consultant with HomeLife Realty in Langley, BC. In my real estate business, I live by the same principles that have influenced my past business practices and community service ~ my business values reflect my social values. I have developed my real estate services to respond to the diverse needs of my clients and my community, and I am committed to delivering the highest standards of loyalty, accountability, and performance.

Being a Real Estate Consultant is so much more than listing, marketing, negotiating and signing contracts. These are the logistics essential to any real estate transaction, but I have found that the emotional journey that buyers and sellers experience must be recognized and supported so that we as real estate professionals can truly serve the unique needs of our clients.

And now, as we move into the social media frenzy, I am faced with a new challenge: To blog or not to blog? How do I use this new medium to respond to the needs and values of women home-owners? How do I engage you in your buying and selling decisions?

So I ask the questions: What engages YOU? What kinds of topics do YOU need to help you make those important real estate decisions? What are YOUR needs and expectations? Who do YOU turn to? Where do YOU look?

I’d like to help. I will endeavour to keep you up-to-date on any news-worthy information, but instead of just feeding you stuff you may or may not use (or want), tell me what would be helpful to YOU. Whether you are buying or selling, moving up or down, relocating to another area or moving across the street, what issues are most important to YOU?

Do you:

  • Need information on the community you are living in or moving to?
  • Need information on community resources for you and your family (schools, parks, recreation, entertainment, health care, shopping, events, etc)?
  • Need advice from or referral to a real estate service provider – or as I call it – your HomeTeam (mortgage broker, home inspector, lawyer/notary, home stager, etc.)?
  • Need advice as a first-time buyer or seller?
  • Need “tips” or “how-to” advice on a variety of topics?
  • Want market trends, forecasts, stats, etc. that are readily available to you?
  • Have a story to share about your home-buying or home-selling experience?

Make me your GO-TO Gal.  Ask me your questions. Request information on a topic that interests you. If I don’t know the answer – I’ll find out who does. Let me guide you and connect you.

Share your story. Perhaps your experience will help others. Tell us what we are doing right – and wrong – as we navigate you through the real estate maze.  Help us “experts” do our job better.

I hope to “meet” many new friends through this adventure. Whether you live in my market area or across the country, I hope to learn more from you so that I can tailor my services and create a new real estate experience for all women. Most important, I hope that I can add value to your real estate journey!!


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