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Project Management Fundamentals

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Soroptimist International of Surrey/Delta, in partnership with Dr. Dale Christenson of the Project Management Centre of Excellence Inc., is presenting
“Project Management Fundamentals”
September 28 & 29, 2010 from 9:00am – 4:00pm
Eaglequest Coyote Creek Golf Course – 7778 152 Street, Surrey
Early registration (by Sept 7) – $499
Registration (after Sept 7) – $599
Lunch & coffee breaks included – plenty of free parking

This two day course on Project Management Fundamentals is directed to those who are responsible for managing projects or find themselves as members of a project team.  This is an entry level course for active project participants and has no pre-requisites. The Project Management Fundamentals course is designed for people who want to maximize their time and will give you immediate returns on your learning investment by providing you with a detailed work book and project templates to take home.

Dr. Dale Christenson, Founder & President of Project Management Centre of Excellence Inc., is one of nine doctorates of Project Management in the world, and is an internationally sought-after trainer and author of more that 10 peer reviewed academic journal articles.

Soroptimist is an international volunteer organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls, in local communities and throughout the world. We are offering this course at a reasonable price to help fund our Women’s Opportunity Award. The Women’s Opportunity Award program is Soroptimist’s major service project. These awards improve the lives of women by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills, and employment prospects. Please visit  to learn more about our awards programs.

For more information on this course and Dr. Dale Christenson, check out his website – or contact Joella Christenson, our SI of Surrey/Delta Program Chair at: Email:  or phone 604-501-7792 (home), 604-306-4901 (cell)

To register online, please go to


Meet Stevan Kovacevic – Mortgage Broker

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“Call me now to save your money, time and effort with my professional mortgage services!” – Stevan’s Favourite Quote

I met Stevan a year ago, and I have had the pleasure of working with Stevan a number of times since we met. Together, we were able to get our clients into the homes of their choice with a minimal amount of stress, and a maximum amount of satisfaction! Stevan is such a joy to work with – and he certainly does have his clients` best interests at heart. Stevan will go that extra mile for you, and he will stay by your side through every stage of your mortgage transaction – and beyond. He is always available to answer your questions or concerns, and works hard to get you the best rates and terms according to your needs. I asked Stevan to provide me with a short bio so he could share his expertise with you. I am proud to include Stevan as one of my HomeTeam Referrals.

Stevan Kovacevic applies traditional ideas to the constantly changing regulations within the mortgage industry. He approaches each client’s needs with an understanding of their financial outlook, which enables him to find the most suitable mortgage solution. His advice is free and unbiased, while keeping your interest a priority.

As a licensed mortgage broker working for Dominion Lending Centres, a respectable mortgage brokerage firm, he has information that will save you money every month. Having served clients from all of the BC and from all walks of life, Stevan possesses versatile experience and readiness to help. Stevan understands the emerging role of women in today’s society. He has arranged over 50 mortgages last year for single mothers, career women and women in charge of family finances.

Whether you need to refinance, purchase a house, a condo, an investment, or a commercial property, Stevan can offer an array of lenders tailored to each deal.

Don’t need another chore in your busy schedule? Call Stevan right now for an easy mortgage solution.

Visit Stevan’s website at or call him direct at 778-222-2222. To see what Stevan’s clients have to say please go to

Voices of Women Homeowners

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“There are only two ways of spreading light – to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton

Did you know that more women are taking the plunge and buying their own homes than ever before? Not only do women control a whopping 85% of all home purchases (according to a 2004 Fraser Valley RealtorLink article by Diana McMeekin, President of Artemis Marketing Group), single women also account for a faster rate of home purchases than the general population. In the Fraser Valley, 7.2% of buyers in April 2010 were women – this jumped to 17.5% in May.  In the Greater Vancouver area, more females than males purchased their first home in 2009. That’s a lot of buying power, and as more of you enter the real estate market, we must listen and respond to what you need.

I’m a Real Estate Consultant with HomeLife Realty in Langley, BC. In my real estate business, I live by the same principles that have influenced my past business practices and community service ~ my business values reflect my social values. I have developed my real estate services to respond to the diverse needs of my clients and my community, and I am committed to delivering the highest standards of loyalty, accountability, and performance.

Being a Real Estate Consultant is so much more than listing, marketing, negotiating and signing contracts. These are the logistics essential to any real estate transaction, but I have found that the emotional journey that buyers and sellers experience must be recognized and supported so that we as real estate professionals can truly serve the unique needs of our clients.

And now, as we move into the social media frenzy, I am faced with a new challenge: To blog or not to blog? How do I use this new medium to respond to the needs and values of women home-owners? How do I engage you in your buying and selling decisions?

So I ask the questions: What engages YOU? What kinds of topics do YOU need to help you make those important real estate decisions? What are YOUR needs and expectations? Who do YOU turn to? Where do YOU look?

I’d like to help. I will endeavour to keep you up-to-date on any news-worthy information, but instead of just feeding you stuff you may or may not use (or want), tell me what would be helpful to YOU. Whether you are buying or selling, moving up or down, relocating to another area or moving across the street, what issues are most important to YOU?

Do you:

  • Need information on the community you are living in or moving to?
  • Need information on community resources for you and your family (schools, parks, recreation, entertainment, health care, shopping, events, etc)?
  • Need advice from or referral to a real estate service provider – or as I call it – your HomeTeam (mortgage broker, home inspector, lawyer/notary, home stager, etc.)?
  • Need advice as a first-time buyer or seller?
  • Need “tips” or “how-to” advice on a variety of topics?
  • Want market trends, forecasts, stats, etc. that are readily available to you?
  • Have a story to share about your home-buying or home-selling experience?

Make me your GO-TO Gal.  Ask me your questions. Request information on a topic that interests you. If I don’t know the answer – I’ll find out who does. Let me guide you and connect you.

Share your story. Perhaps your experience will help others. Tell us what we are doing right – and wrong – as we navigate you through the real estate maze.  Help us “experts” do our job better.

I hope to “meet” many new friends through this adventure. Whether you live in my market area or across the country, I hope to learn more from you so that I can tailor my services and create a new real estate experience for all women. Most important, I hope that I can add value to your real estate journey!!

Building Community with Women

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“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Sally Berger

I think of myself as a progressive woman. I embrace change, I’m always ready for a new challenge, and I’m inspired by new ideas. Not much has ever intimidated me – I’m always first in line for a new adventure (as long it doesn’t involve heights or really fast-moving objects). I’ve changed husbands a couple of times. I’ve changed careers a few times. I’ve changed homes many times. And all without mussing my makeup (ok, so I use tear-proof mascara).

So why is becoming a “blogger” freaking me out??? I love writing. I love sharing knowledge, ideas, stories. I think perhaps it’s not the world of blogging I’m afraid of; it’s all the new technology and terminology that just makes my brain explode. So please bear with me. As I learn the techie stuff, this blog will evolve, and I will rely on you “wise women” out there to guide me, critique me, and support me.

I direct this site to women for a purpose. Women inspire other women. Working with women has given me much joy and gratitude over the years, and some of the amazing women I have met along the way just keeps motivating me to do better. I invite you to participate to share your knowledge and insights, network with other women, and find new ways to connect in a safe and supportive environment. 

I’ve worn many hats over the years (haven’t we all?). I’m a Real Estate Consultant, a Soroptimist, a board member of Just Beginnings Flowers Society (we made the 2010 Olympic bouquets!), a co-founder of a non-profit society for young women at risk, and I’ve served on many boards, community social service committees and business advisory teams. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend.

I am equally comfortable sitting with women at board tables and kitchen tables. Whether we are building our business, building our community, or building our family, we connect in a unique way. We celebrate our successes and share our challenges. We laugh and cry together. We support and encourage each other. We never lose sight of our goals – we just simply built stronger relationships to achieve them.

So please – grab your fave coffee drink (or glass of wine??) and join me on this journey. Let’s build some new relationships and share our diversity. Let’s learn something new and pass it on.  I promise it will be fun, inspiring and empowering – and if we get lost, we will stop and ask for directions.­


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“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Mohandas Ghandi

So what is a “Soroptimist”? We get that a lot! Seems to me that we are one of the best kept secrets – and we really do need to change that! We are an international volunteer service organization of business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls in our local communities and throughout the world. We are nearly 100,000 strong, and have members representing more than 120 countries. We’ve been around since 1921 (and the first Canadian club was charted in Vancouver in 1926).

I joined Soroptimist International of Surrey/Delta as a charter member in 1995. I’ll never forget that first meeting. I actually attended to promote a women’s business directory that was being published in the Lower Mainland. I’d seen an ad in our local paper with the headline “Women Helping Women.” Some new women’s group looking for members to start a new club (I had no idea what a “Soroptimist” was). Sounded like a great opportunity to get some business, so I called and got an invitation to pitch my women’s directory at their next meeting. Well – talk about an AhHA moment!

I don’t remember at which stage of the meeting that I forgot my real purpose for being there. What I DO remember was the feeling I had that THIS was an organization that I wanted to be part of. As I listened to the history and purpose of Soroptimists, I was overwhelmed with the calibre of women involved and the amazing work they were doing on behalf of women everywhere.

Long story short – I got home that night and wrote a letter to the President (had to MAIL it – didn’t even have email back then). I told her how impressed I was, how interested I was, and what do I do next??? That was in October of 1994. In March, 1995, I was among the 18 other members who celebrated at our Charter Banquet as the newest club in the Western Canada Region. And I’ve never regretted it – becoming a Soroptimist has been the BEST gift I have ever given myself.

We are “the best for women.” As a Soroptimist, I experience “the best of women.” I have gained valuable leadership skills, networking opportunities, and treasured friendships. I have learned so much about our community needs, and how we can effectively address the many social issues and injustices that keep women and girls from “living their dream.” It has lead to incredible opportunities for me to get actively involved in making MY community a better place for women and girls to enjoy the freedom and opportunities so many of us take for granted (yes – women and girls locally are being exploited and treated unfairly).  I have also learned much about the global issues that affect women, and how Soroptimists around the world are leading the way for women and girls to overcome some horrific obstacles and injustices.

To learn more about who we are, what we do, and where to find us, visit – this is our Western Canada Region website. It will take you to other links that will, hopefully, intrigue you and inspire you.

Join me soon for more Soroptimist news – we have some exciting programs and events coming up…